At ABS, we provide a wide range of services related to maintenance manual production. Have questions?


  • Excel Data Preparation
  • Document Management Support
  • Intelligent Data Extraction
  • Website/Software Design and Development
  • CRM Development and Implementation
  • Data Auditing Services
  • Web Data Mining
  • Custom Solutions Based on Your Requirements

Our services on behalf of the General Contractor/Building Owner:

  • A 100% electronic/digital collection process of all the required closeout documentation based on the project manual specification requirements. 
  • Our process includes a Construction Submittal Review in order to be proactive and retrieve on average 80%+ of the required operation & maintenance & manufacturer warranty documentation per the project manual specification book requirements without waiting on any subcontractors or trades to provide this information. 
  • Our process also includes improved Closeout Document Accuracy as we follow the project manual specification book requirements. 
  • The process includes but is not limited to File Structure, Sorting, Organizing, Optimizing, File Naming & Uploading of all required electronic Close Out Documentation requirements to
  • Our closeout document process and associated services insure the building owner is being provided the highest quality closeout documentation and a professional data base that can be easily stored and is easily transferable to any platform or storage as found necessary.
  • Our team also provides services for the Owner Training and filming process, which includes Architect/Building Owner Building project manual specification book review, Subcontractor Trades Coordination provided by ABS. Our On-site “hands on” owner training and filming process is done by our professional videographers and results in a professionally edited and optimized end video product by our editing team with all of the final videos delivered and downloadable via
  • In the end you never have to worry about quality or correctness  of the end closeout product as we provide further collection of documents if found necessary based on the review of Architect (or) Engineer (or) Owner.

OFFERED PRODUCT  (byproduct of our Services)

Our product for Building Owners and Facility Management Teams:

  • Our final closeout product normally Contains the closeout documents consisting of but not limited to Operation Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, Owners Manuals, Users Manuals, Service Manuals, Construction Submittals, Construction Drawings, Construction Project Manual, Warranties, As Built Owner Record Drawings, Owner Training Sign in Sheets, Owner Training Videos, etc, all provided in 100% digital electronic format.
  • All of the electronic closeout documentation, which includes but is not limited to training sign in sheets and edited training videos will be held on our website/server/cloud network,, for the life of the building.
  • Our Cloud network,, allows 100% download & storage of the closeout documentation directly onto the end users server and/or computer hardware of choice.
  • You can view, print, download all electronic documents/Files (.MP4, .PDF, .DOC. XLXS, BIM Files, Etc)
  • Ability to download bookmarked “PDF Compiltations” of the O&M Manual and/or Warranty Manual for printing, viewing and storage purposes through our free software.